• Anna Price-Adair's Western Downs Garden

    Anna Price-Adair has created a garden on the very hot QLD Western Downs, from virtually nothing. Overtime she has added lots of colour and trees to create a beautiful oasis.
  • Dahlias - my learnings and thoughts

    I really love dahlias, but I’m new to them. I've been doing some research on how and when to dig them up and propagate them. I thought I’d share my...
  • Colleen Southwell's Central West garden

    I was very lucky to visit Colleen Southwell’s (aka the Garden Curator) stunning country garden, near Orange in Central West NSW,  in January 2021. ...
  • Cassandra Hooke's Western Riverina Garden

    Cassandra Hooke and husband Marcus started their garden, in the Western Riverina District, around their new house build in 2020.  Over the last t...
  • Jane Duddy's Liverpool Plains Garden

    Over the last 30 years, Jane and Scott Duddy have created a beautiful garden from scratch on the Liverpool Plains of NSW. The garden is an impo...
  • Finding Inspiration

    One of the hardest lessons in the garden is separating my aspirations from my limitations. Flicking through beautiful coffee table books of the sou...
  • Preparing For Autumn

    It all starts with a plan Summer is a really good time to start to plan and prepare for Autumn plantings (I like to plant in autumn as the soil is ...
  • In The Garden | Winter To Do List

    While many of the plants have slowed down or are dormant, now is a great time to prepare the garden for spring growth and to get some structural things done in the garden.
  • In The Garden | Winter Veggie Patch

    When I think of the veggies in the winter patch, I think of comfort food. Think veggies that form the base of soups and hearty meals.. like carrots, leeks and onions.
  • In The Garden | Rose Pruning

    To keep roses looking their best and to help prevent disease, they need a bit of TLC like deadheading to prolong flowers during the growing season and a hard prune in Winter.