My Story

I grew up on my family’s mixed farm near Gulargambone in NW NSW. I’ve always loved spending time outdoors and growing up I spent a lot of time in the garden with my grandmother, who was just a short bike ride away from our house, on the same property.

I studied agricultural science at Sydney Uni, which is where I met my husband (who happened to grow up only 100kms from my family property). I worked in Ag Policy and stakeholder relations, and have worked in red meat R&D since 2010. After we got married, we moved to Gin Gin Station, near Trangie. It’s part of James’ family farming business.

When we first moved to Gin Gin in the middle of 2014, the house hadn’t been lived in for a little while and had just endured a hot summer. We did a small bit of renovating to the house before I got started on the garden in Spring 2015. We wanted to do the garden properly, so I patiently waited for the ground to be rotary hoed, levelled and a watering system installed before I started planting. A very thoughtful wedding gift was a garden plan developed by the Horti-Ladies. It helped in the layout of the watering system as well as dividing the gardening into projects.

The Garden Club has been a passion project that I started in the middle of the drought. It was a maternity leave project I started when Henry was 12 weeks old. I was spending lots of time feeding him and scrolling insta. I felt there was a gap in the information on western gardens and I was craving information on  plant combinations, water use, how people’s gardens survived previous dry spells etc etc. I started to profile gardens around the district and provided key insights through insta, as well as images. This is something I plan to do more of in 2023.

The Garden Club has evolved into an online community and online shop. I hope you enjoy scrolling through some of the information and products on the website and insta page.